Another one

Listen, I’m going to be completely honest here. I have a lot of black dresses—less than twenty, but more than ten—and while I’m thoroughly convinced of each one’s distinctive qualities, I know from experience that trying to get others on board with that narrative is a bit of a hard sell. So instead of trying to make an argument for adding to my collection, I’m going to focus solely on this Courrèges beauty, this “clean sleeveless shift dress in silk-wool suiting” that I will likely never own anyway, save for the possibility of an absolutely insane end-of-season sale.
Look at the soft curve of that notched neckline, like something you usually only see in movies or archival photos before the year 1966, sloping softly toward the shoulders in a vaguely cape-like fashion. The angular front seams creating dimension in what would otherwise be a fairly simple, if elegant, frock. It’s the belt detail that truly knocks me out, though, low-slung and insouciant and pretty much perfect.

I hope that sale comes soon.